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Risk Focus 2.1 New version release

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Risk Focus 2.1. This version is enhanced with new features for collaboration and productivity in risk management including the evolution of the graphic interface for uncertainties declaration and evaluation, a centralized risk management interface with consolidated data from all organization projects and services, as well as ergonomic activity reports for Risk Managers and board members.

Online testing schemes with our customers allowed us to collect valuable feedback and incorporate them into the product building process. Working directly with customers, Risk Focus designers and developers team were able to understand their flows, dissecting what motivates and frustrates their end-users, and built the product version accordingly, keeping their needs at the forefront.

" The process ensured that each completed task aligns with our customers goals. What this partnership unlocks is the ability for our team to expand the product thinking beyond the limited scope of what it provides " reported Hadrien Bourgogne, member of the product team

Notable enhancements to Risk Focus 2.1 include :

  • Risk evaluation : we introduced the ability to adjust uncertainties parameters at each stage of the risk management process : from the same interface, we can see the risk as it is declared, its current situation as well as the targeted end state, allowing us to generate very relevant KPIs on its evolution and thus judge the effectiveness of the actions and tasks carried out.
  • A single interface for the Group Risk Manager : to monitor all the opportunities and risks across the organization and be able to focus on valuable tasks rather that trying to gather information from different tools and the field.
  • Enhanced KPIs on uncertainties declarations and monitoring, tasks progress and contributors engagement. The reporting dashboard provides a visual display of organizational KPIs, metrics, and data. The objective is to give the Risk Manager an at-a-glance visibility into the risk management performance across all units and projects, and the ability to easily share data insights with contributors and board members.

Book a demo to discover our features and see how Risk Focus can help you to :

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✔︎ Assign actions for every declared uncertainty

✔︎ Monitor and improve performance with executive dashboards

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