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24th annual Global Forum on strategic transformation, leadership and learning

This year’s Global Forum highlighted innovative ideas and initiatives that are transforming our world, inspiring leaders to act in new strategic directions, and helping create new opportunities for businesses, organisations and societies.

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This year’s edition took place in Paris. During three days, seventy leaders from around the world gathered to share and discuss transformational trends and issues affecting the world, regions and countries, as well as industries and societies, providing the context for strategic transformation, leadership and organisational development.

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Penny Naas, VP and Managing Director for International Public Affairs, UPS

During the first day, several global transformational trends and issues were discussed, among which : leadership 4.0 for the 4th industrial revolution, how companies navigate new geopolitical and socio-economic realities, and why is employee engagement so low worldwide and what can be done about it.

Disconnections in a high connected world : getting past organizational and societal « Bubbles » and perceptions of the world

Risk Focus was part of the panel this year to share our vision on risk leadership and employees engagement during the second day first session, along with Alasdair Philip, Managing Partner at Loyd Consulting Group and formerly DPDHL.

Besides presenting our operational value upon risk management, we focused on culture transformation and leadership development across organizations, highlighting the critical importance of raising awareness and developing a shared operating and business strategy to engage all stakeholders.

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Many other companies shared their experiences with transformation, rethinking and redefining learning, visions that fire up people and drive change and leadership development such as : Amazon, Cowi, Eli Lilly and Company, Finnair, Engie, KPMG, UPS, Deutsche Post DHL, RWE, Seco Tools and Vossloh Cogifer.

About the Annual Global Forum

The Global Forum on leadership, learning and strategic change is a not-for-profit community of practice, involving participants from major companies and organizations from around the world, who, in a collegial spirit, discuss strategic change, executive learning and organizational development. The first Global Forum took place in June of 1996. Attendance at the annual Global Forum is by-invitation only and restricted to no more than 100 participants. Sessions take place over a period of 3 1/2 days and are informal and interactive.

Next year's edition will take place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston in June.

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The objectives of the Global Forum are:

  • to allow peers from business, the public and social sectors, academia, and consulting from around the world to share experiences and good practices
  • to discuss global and regional issues and trends that affect all sectors of society and influence country, organizational and company strategies and learning
  • to enhance results-focused excellence in business, organizational and executive development, adult learning
  • to continuously develop and improve approaches, methods and techniques in all of the above fields including Business Driven Action Learning
  • to assist community members in their practice and thinking by providing helpful advice, practical workshops as well as on-line resources and links
  • to acknowledge and honour individuals who have made outstanding contributions to executive development, organizational development, Action Learning, and Adult Learning
  • to support  and encourage a global network of practitoners who wish to collaborate on research and activities to address global challenges and opportunities

Who Attends?

Those who attend include private and public sector and not-for-profit line executives and managers, human resource and organizational development practitioners, academics and some consultants. The representation is worldwide. The Global Forum is open and tolerant of all approaches and schools of thought. For example, participants representing all approaches to executive development and strategic change have taken part and no specific approach to any topic such as leadership is propagated. "Selling" is not perimitted and those who do so are not invited back. Consultants invited to attend will have to be accompanied by one of their clients, and that such invitations will be made on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, visit the Global Forum website.